About Us Company

It all started in a training seminar, on a subject of “Improving Quality Of Life”. Everyone in the group agrees that fulfilment and balance of Health, Wealth and Happiness of a person determines whether a life is well lived, and hence is a life with quality,

This is where the “Torch of life” begins, and a bearer to this mission known as “Torchbearer”, will pass this torch to improve the quality of everyone’s life. Since then, the group of leaders started brainstorming on how to pass the torch round the world touching people’s life. That is how the website: www.tbnworld.com , a platform designed to assist your family and friends to achieve a happier, healthier and more fulfilling lifestyle through our online and offline training program.

As health plays an important role in our life and studies have shown most people around the world have neglected two of the most basic ingredient in life that is “Water” & "Food" at the body cellular level. Besides that, Valuable Education Program, Sharings of useful ideas and healthier lifestyle also plays an important roles in improving everyone's life.

Therefore, this platform is build to bring all those element together for the benefits of human mankind and changes one's life to be better.

We are different as we belong to a stronghold of more than 18,000 people worldwide. We are founded and guided by a unique set of principles and values. We are passionate about changing the quality of life in people.

Together as a Torchbearer, you’ll also be making everyday a better day by reaching out and transforming the lifestyle of those around us. It feels great to be a part of ecosystem that reaches out to everyone from all walks of life.

Below are some of the reasons on why you should join us:

Our values

Our aim is simple – to enrich and transform lives through our Business Education Program

Rewards & Benefits

Be rewarded and enjoy many benefits that enhance your lifestyle


With our amazing leadership, training and personal development opportunities, through our TBN "Training Build Network " Platform, you’ll get a chance to be even better at what you do


Now is the time to create and share the path with a plan designed to benefit your future generations.

  • It is a Business Education Program thru its "Training Builds Network" Platform runs by Kangen Power Team (KPT) to train everyone in the Team, an opportunity to gain and share knowledge on Physical, Financial and Spiritual Wealth besides its rewarding program.
  • It is a reward program for those who desire to own the special products thru sharing and participating in our Torchbearer program.
  • It is also a platform to assist business owners to create awareness of their products and services through Torchbearers accessing their operating outlets.
  • It is designed to create health, wealth and peace of mind in line with our mission and vision.
  • It is a platform providing “Quality of Life” to those who share the concept.

Everyone and anyone who would like to enjoy good Health, through improving the quality of life should be part of us. Our Business Education Program is targeted to create Physical and Financial Wealth of each individuals who sign up this program.

Disclaimer Clause in Website:

Torchbearer Platform is a program carried out by Torch Bearer Network Sdn Bhd for the benefit of KPT Group. Brands of products displayed in this platform are not responsible by the respective companies or authorised entities and neither liable for any activities organised in the Torchbearer Platform. Anyone joining the Torchbearer Platform do so at their own responsibility and Torch Bearer Network Sdn Bhd shall not be liable for any misrepresentation and claims. Please check the terms and conditions in our website: www.tbnworld.com for details.