Frequently Asked Questions

What is Torchbearer Network (TBN)?

  • TBN is a business education program to guide KPT distributors
  • TBN is a "Training Builid Network" Platform for KPT
  • TBN is a business tools design to assist KPT distributors.
  • TBN is a place for KPT distributors to build strong network
  • TBN is an online portal to allow KPT distributors to build worldwide business

How do I present TBN to prospect?

  • Invite your prospects to our TBN Education Program Preview
  • Show your prospects the importance of building a network for their business
  • Show them the value of Happiness, Health & Wealth to their family
  • Let them know the methods they can own a Business Program
  • Show them the business tool we have for them to use in their Business Program
  • Show them the Potential Income they shall receive

Who is a Torchbearer?

  • Any individuals with legal age can be a Torchbearer
  • All Torchbearers have to be invited by an existing Torchbearer to be in their Team
  • They subscribe to the TBN Business Education platform and attend our Education Course
  • They invite new candidate as Team Partners to our TBN Education Busness platform
  • They used the TBN business tools to develop their network

What is Torchbearer Service Provider – TBN(SP)?

  • A business outlet for Torchbearers to collect free sample and products
  • A business outlet for Torchbearers to network

How do I present TBN (Service Provider) to Retail Outlets of Business Organisation?

  • Show the Service Providers, how our Torchbearers nationwide can benefit them in their sales turnover.
  • Show the Service Providers, how they can use our TBN business platform as their loyalty program and also Customers Relationship Management System.
  • Show them the Potential Income they can earn.

Why must I join TBN?

  • A business education program helping you to financial success
  • A business tools designed to help you in your sales.
  • An easy entry level for any individual to conduct a business
  • Rewarding experiences and potential passive income
  • Opportunity to increase your “Quality of Life”

Who is behind TBN?

  • Ideas came from successful KPT leaders
  • A collective decision made by the KPT leaders to assist all distributors in their organization to achieve dreams in the business.

Who should join TBN?

  • Anyone who need to learn how to build a strong network for their business
  • Every distributors in KPT group who are serious in their business
  • Anyone who need a business tools to go Global in their business
  • Anyone who need a business tools to build and manage a network

How can TBN work for me?

  • It's a simple business education program for everyone to duplicate
  • It’s a simple business tool that allows you to keep track on your network
  • It’s a platform for you to network and increase your sales and knowledge
  • It’s a platform for you to build your business locally and globally.

How much should I pay for using TBN?

  • It's only USD120.00, one time registration fee for our TBN Business Education Program in Malaysia.

Do I have to pay monthly?

  • You do not have to pay monthly. In the event you need any extra TBN points, you can purchased from the company or any other Torchbearer at USD1.00 per point (Valid until 30th June 2017).
  • If TBN Points are purchased from any Torchbearer, please ensure that the points are transferred to your Points Account immediately. The Company will not be responsible for any discrepencies or losses incurred due to the transaction done between Torchbearers.

If I am already a distributor, why should I join TBN?

  • You have the right to decide to join TBN or not to participate
  • TBN is a business tools to assist you, should you decide to use it
  • It is also a system to keep in contact with the distributors in your network

What if there is no TBN(SP) in my area?

  • This is an opportunity to create one
  • Show the prospect the opportunities being a service provider in your area

What is there is too many TBN(SP) in my area?

  • We have created greater awareness for more people to join Torchbearer
  • Individual business outlets will have their own customers and different operating hours, as such it gives Torchbearers better opportunities to conduct their sales

What is TBP?

Torchbearer Points (TBP) is divided into two categories, namely Rewarding Account Point (RAP) and Gifts Account Points Percentage (GAP%). Rewarding Account Point will reflect in your Account 1 of your E-Walllet and Gifts Rewarding Points Percentage (%) will be reflected in your Geneaalogy Tree Area.

What is Reward Accounting Point?

  • Rewarding Account Points are given to you when you introduced new Torchbearer to use the system. It is for you to redeem products listed and register people into our fEducation Program beside assisting you in your sales. Reward Accounting Points will be given once you refer new candidates to our Education Program
  • Reward Points are also given to you when each person joins your network in Group A & B connection. Refer to the announcement on how points will be rewarded. TBN reserved the rights to change the Rewards Accounting Points from time to time.

What is Gift Account Point %?

  • Gift Account Points will be reflected in your Points Account in the Dashboard area once you log in
  • Gift Account Point will be added with 120 points once you have managed to build a team of 5 Direct Business Partners. This points can be used to register one (1) Team Partner in your group. The current value of registration a Team Partner is USD120 or Rm550 till further notice.
  • Gift Account Point % increases when each person joins your Team A & B connection.
  • Once the Gift Account Point achieved 100%, you will be rewarded a Business Program for You to start off.
  • In the event, you would like to increase your value in the Business Program rewarded, the difference of value will be borne by the recipients.TBN will start off your Business Program at a maximum value of USD2380.

Can I cash out my Reward Accounting Points?

  • TBN would encourage you to use your Reward Accounting Points to register new candidates for the Business Education Program.
  • Cash Back will be allowed when you have an excess of minimum 120 Reward Accounting Points in your Account 1.
  • Cash Back are allowed on a monthly basis with a minimum amount of 120 Reward Accounting Points per application. The value of each Reward Accounting Point shall be determined by TBN during the time of application submitted. For Year 2017 till end 2018, each point is valued at RM3.00. Torchbearer will be notified within 14 working days prior to any changes of value.